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2. Warhammer 40k "Tunrier" im Novum Hotel - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Lukas aka "Gorgram"DErlangen4915TyranidsHive Fleet Zunamorno0
2. Max aka "O11111111111"DHohenlinden1692Tyranidsno0
3. Florian aka "DaCoernl"DNürnberg191Imperial KnightsSquiggzno0
4. Simon aka "Manusch"DErlangen-Necronsno0
5. Alexander aka "sharkus"DNürnberg4293Necronsno0
6. Ernst aka "TheHoodedMan"DNeustadt A.d. Aisch1932Adepta SororitasSquiggzno0
7. Rainer aka "YellowFresh"DErlangen-Death GuardEazy GGno0
8. Christopher aka "Sunjy"DReckendorf-Space Marinesno0
9. Tim aka "Apex"DLichtenfels2051Drukharino0

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