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Dreadaxe Corp.
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Völkerschlacht reloaded - List of Participants

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1. Carsten aka "Kabanjakov"DSchrobenhausen104Legion of Everblightno
2. Kevin aka "Nox"DKloster Lehnin19Legion of EverblightLast Stand Berlinno
3. Oliver aka "Oliluedtke"DKönigs Wusterhausen1687Cygnarno
4. (anonym)-Cygnarno
5. (anonym)-Trollbloodno
6. Sven aka "Skathrex"DBerlin20MercenariesLast Stand Berlinno
7. Thomas aka "Scetcher"DBerlin68CygnarLast Stand Berlinno
8. Tom aka "Gorkul"DBerlin40Convergence of CyrissLast Stand Berlinno

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Distribution of Origins
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