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6. Nauticup AoS März 23 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sascha aka "Stratos"DSindelfingen48Grand Alliance Deathnono
2. Andreas aka "Ghost-13"DArnsberg5Slaves to DarknessSauerländer Würfelsturmnono
3. Martin aka "MrGrandMarshalOfTheApocalypse"DLübeck335Grand Alliance ChaosLudo Liubice e.V.nono
4. Christoph aka "Obaboss"DRostock382Orruk Warclansnono
5. Nico aka "Ferenczy"DLübeck177Legions of NagashLudo Liubice e.V.nono
6. Tim Hans aka "Hansi97"DLübow190Gloomspite Gitznono
7. Denny aka "EnLesT"DSchwerin237NighthauntLudo Liubice e.V.nono

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