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60. Mayener X-Wing Turnier - Standard Format (Nachholtermin) - List of Participants

1. Marcel aka "Qbyrd"DKoblenz14First OrderExpendable Squadronyes
2. Ronald aka "DaObaboss"DAndernach - Namedy44Separatist AllianceRogerRogeryes
3. Nico aka "Mandalorian"DKoblenz177Galactic Republicyes
4. Daniel aka "Tutti"DBraubach191Galactic Empireyes
5. Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheim53Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Philip aka "Eddie"DPolch141First Orderno
7. Niko aka "Smiling_Face"DKoblenz1223Separatist Allianceno
8. Oliver aka "gonZaleZ"DUrmitz243Rebel AllianceExpendable Squadronno
9. Oliver aka "insi"DKoblenz105Rebel Allianceno
10. Patrick aka "Evan"DGrevenbroich128Scum and Villainyno
11. Rafael aka "Rafaroo"DBottrop29Separatist Allianceno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:2
First Order:1
Galactic Republic:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Andernach - Namedy:1
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