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79. Bedburger Scheunenkloppen - 2 Tages GT - List of Participants

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1. Federico aka "Chicco"DRommerskirchen65TyranidsMeta Slavesno
2. Klaus aka "Khel"DLohmar247Space MarinesBedburger Tabletop Freundeno
3. Rami aka "Dicktator"DLeverkusen1476Adeptus CustodesBedburger Tabletop Freundeno
4. Tobias aka "Tobs"DGrevenbroich68The InquisitionMeta Slavesno
5. Andreas aka "psycho_andy"DErkelenz44Adepta SororitasSpringerno
6. Maximilian aka "madmaxmh"DMülheim an der Ruhr103TyranidsDakka Dakka Boyzno

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