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SaaarGa the 2nd - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastian aka "MassenvernichtungsAffe"DSaarbrücken81Great KingdomsTCSaar-Hammerno
2. Martin aka "96p"DSaarbrücken69Undead LegionsTCSaarHammerno
3. Patrick aka "Link"DSaarbrücken142HordeTabletop Crew Saarhammerno
4. Urs aka "Urs"DSaarbrücken-Undead Legionsno
5. Christian aka "Sir_Kraus"DLosheim am See92HordeTCSaarHammerno
6. Jascha aka "Uschandelucca"DHomburg170Undead LegionsTCSaarHammerno
7. Tom aka "Tomniscience"DSaarbrücken-Lords of the Wildno
8. Robin aka "Kallite"DMoppstown-HordeTCSaarHammerno
9. Jens aka "TomToffifee"DSaarbrücken-HordeTabletopno

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Distribution of Origins
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