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Asgards Force Awakens Episode X - List of Participants

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1. Sebastian aka "Ryuneke"DGoldbach10Scum and VillainyAsgard Aschaffenburgno
2. Ronny aka "Herschet"DBabenhausen45Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesno
3. Michael aka "Wolfcastle"DHüttenberg224First OrderLahntal Kartellno
4. Stefan aka "Durandell"DLudwigshafen am Rhein47Galactic EmpireTeam Chaosbieneno
5. Maciej aka "Rakoo"DWürzburg85Scum and Villainyno
6. (anonym)-Rebel AllianceBembel Bomberno
7. Matthias aka "Wedge193"DIdstein185Galactic Empireno
8. Thomas aka "Kettch"DRodgau33First OrderÄbbelwoi Acesno
9. Steffen aka "White_Templer"DErfurt221Separatist AllianceThüringer Bratwursttorpedosno

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