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KoW Hamburg Slow Grow Finale - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Moritz aka "Mo1983"DReinbek15Order of the BrothermarkTabletop Freibeuterno
2. Jan aka "Gnortz"DHamburg29BasileansTabletop Freibeuterno
3. Ben aka "Nobody040"DGeesthacht-Empire of DustTabletop Freibeuterno
4. Manfred aka "ful5"DBochum9NightstalkersDie Würfelgötterno
5. Manuel aka "lemanu"DHamburg4SalamandersTabletop Freibeuterno
6. Julius aka "eXe"DBörnsen-HalflingsTabletop Freibeuterno
7. Holger aka "Mrat"DHamburg-GoblinsTabletop Freibeuterno
8. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen31Order of the Green LadyThe Wesley Crushersno

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