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2. Elbinferno Magdeburg - List of Participants

1. Robert aka "RobBad"DBeelitz-Orruk WarclansSnake Eyes connectionyes0
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Robert aka "Gaukler95"DBerlin228Beasts of Chaosno0
3. Michael aka "Plewin"DLeipzig29Maggotkin of NurgleTabletop Sachsen e.V.no0
4. Nico aka "Sterni"DHalle171SylvanethTabletop Sachsenno0
5. Jan aka "Janathor"DLeipzig148Stormcast EternalsTabletop Sachsenno0
6. Jan aka "japesch"DHannover64Fyreslayers3TH - Hannoverno0
7. Benjamin F.DBerlin-NighthauntSnake Eyes connectionno0
8. Tarek S.DBerlin-SylvanethSnake Eyes connectionno0
9. Steven aka "NicerDicer"DBeelitz-Kharadron OverlordsSnake Eyes connectionno0

Distribution of Armies
Orruk Warclans:1
Distribution of Origins
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