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1. AoS Scharmützel im Outer Rim - List of Participants

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1. Philip aka "Deswegen"DDenzlingen-Orruk WarclansBufo bufonono
2. Karol aka "kard"PLPeterzell347Legions of NagashOśmiornica Łódzkanono
3. Johannes aka "Twotimesjo"DTuttlingen186Slaves to DarknessWürfelrebellennono
4. Andreas aka "Parab3llum"DVogtsburg-Maggotkin of NurgleBufo bufonono
5. Benjamin aka "Goblinkrieger"DUlm214Sons of BehematTeam Hexenhausnono
6. Sascha aka "Schipook"DUlm277Orruk WarclansTeam Hexenhausnono

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Distribution of Origins
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