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Ad Arma - Operation Haßloch - Aftermath - List of Participants

1. Manuel aka "Peligro"DDüsseldorf1Soviet ArmyHalblingeyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Pim aka "PvtAncap"NLMaastricht12Soviet ArmyTeam Maastrichtno
3. Thomas aka "DerTausK"DKaiserslautern72German ArmyAd Armano
4. Marcus aka "Consument"DIlvesheim21Japanese ArmyAd Armano
5. Marcus aka "Malemu"DNeustadt an der Weinstraße94US ArmyAd Armano
6. Marco aka "Dracki"DPirmasens24Romanian ArmyAd Armano
7. Jan aka "Schildkommandant"DPirmasens54US ArmyAd Armano
8. Martin aka "Gelter"DMaikammer13British ArmyAd Armano

Distribution of Armies
Soviet Army:1
Distribution of Origins
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