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Deutsche Meisterschaft OPR Grimdark Future @ Tabletop Freibeuter - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Moritz aka "Mo1983"DReinbek5Havoc BrothersTabletop Freibeuterno
2. Jan aka "Gnortz"DHamburg-Battle SistersTabletop Freibeuterno
3. Ben aka "Nobody040"DGeesthacht-Alien HivesTabletop Freibeuterno
4. Jovan aka "Jovo"DHamburg15Feudal GuardTabletop Freibeuterno
5. Jan aka "erytas"DHamburg11Custodian BrothersBarmbeker Flugheldenno
6. Tim aka "Lord_Caine"DHamburg2Prime BrothersGloryseekers Hamburgno
7. Torsten aka "Cake_Princess"DHamburg-Prime BrothersTabletop Freibeuterno
8. Benjamin aka "Meonithanis"DHamburg-Robot LegionsTabletop Freibeuterno
9. Philipp aka "Hammerviertausend"DHannover-Havoc Brothersno
10. Thomas aka "Alskaer"DTostedt-TAO CoalitionTabletop Freibeuterno
11. Sebastian aka "Sephebos"DHamburg8Orc Maraudersno
12. Mirko aka "Schnico"DHamburg18Robot LegionsGloryseekers Hamburgno
13. Sven aka "Skaven"DHamburg7Ratmen ClansTabletop Freibeuterno
14. Manu aka "Learningbydying"DHamburg16Alien HivesGloryseekers Hamburgno
15. Henri aka "MisterH"DHamburg23Prime Brothersno
16. Christian aka "BattlefieldBerlin"DBerlin-Havoc BrothersBattlefield Berlinno
17. Dirk aka "Blackhawk81"DBerlin4Battle BrothersDie Morphysno
18. Andre aka "Sniperjack"DBuxtehude-Battle SistersGZALno
19. Riccardo aka "Dread-Naught"DBerlin1Wormhole DemonsITGC Berlinno
20. Sebastian aka "Battlefield_Kirby"DBerlin9Battle SistersDie Morphysno
21. Eugen aka "Eule22459"DHamburg13Orc Maraudersno
22. Clément aka "ClemClem"Dberlin-Alien HivesITGC Berlinno
23. Martin aka "Fomorian"DBerlin3Infected ColoniesITGCno
24. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen-Human Defense ForceThe Wesley Crushersno
25. Kosta aka "anachronist"DBerlin12Custodian BrothersSpreepiratenno
26. Mike aka "paripah"DBerlin10Eternal Dynastyno
27. Andre aka "Andy_BeimImperator"DKaltenkirchen-Battle Brothersno
28. Julius aka "eXe"DBörnsen-Eternal DynastyTabletop Freibeuterno
29. Marius aka "Brother-C"DHannover-Alien HivesOne-Man-Armyno
30. Steffen aka "Bronson"DHannover-Orc MaraudersOne-Man-Armyno
31. Nils aka "Grabowski_BINN"DHamburg-Battle BrothersBadab Bøysno
32. Patrick aka "Deathroller"DAlfeld (Leine)-Machine Cultno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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