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German Breach Teambrawl - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julian aka "Saviour"DMünchen8The NeverbornKommander Wurschtbrotno
2. Moritz aka "Moe-Joe"DMünchen12The BayouKommander Wurschtbrotno
3. Sven aka "Droggi"DKöln23The BayouTop Tables' Finestno
4. Max aka "Huggel"DKöln1The Ten ThundersTop Tables' Finestno
5. Harald aka "ikildkenny"DStuttgart30The NeverbornStückleSchemerno
6. Bernhard aka "bnf"DHeidelberg-The ArcanistsTequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesno
7. Michael aka "Labla"DMünchen-The Explorer's SocietyTequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesno
8. Sven aka "extremor"DKöln3The NeverbornTop Tables' Finestno
9. Ludovic aka "coolud"FEschau33The ResurrectionistsLes Grognards d'Alsaceno
10. Sandie aka "sanditos"FStrasbourg22The NeverbornLes Grognards d'Alsaceno
11. Robin aka "rodeheus"FStrasbourg6The Explorer's SocietyLes Grognards d'Alsaceno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Kommander WurschtbrotSaviour, Moe-Joe
2Top Tables' FinestDroggi, Huggel, extremor
4Tequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesbnf, Labla
5Les Grognards d'Alsacecoolud, sanditos, rodeheus

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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