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2. Rostocker Ru(h)mRauferei - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Martin aka "Maddin"DRostock14PiratesTabletop Rostockno
2. Roman aka "faddelkopp"DRostock294PiratesTabletop Rostockno
3. Jan aka "MickDick"DSchwanewede13Piratesno
4. Patrick aka "PaddyDAce"DRostock53Piratesno
5. Dirk aka "Asmo"DRostock38Imperial ArmadaTabletop Rostockno
6. Martin aka "Caduc"DRostock46MercenariesTabletop Rostockno
7. Luca aka "Hettenkund"DWismar-Amazonsno
8. André aka "milky"DStralsund50Goblin PiratesDa Kuschlazno
9. Peter aka "Mishra"DStralsund63Imperial ArmadaDa Kuschlazno
10. Sven aka "Ari"DLübeck24DebonnDark Prophecyno
11. Adrian aka "Marendal"DHamburg11Debonnno
12. Torben R.DHamburg-Cultno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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