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2. Scheunenrangeln - List of Participants

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1. Alexander aka "HoernchenMeister"DEschweiler305Idoneth DeepkinACWFno
2. Bram aka "ChillTyp"NLKerkrade148Daughters of KhaineACWFno
3. Christopher aka "Melchoriuz"DHerzogenrath147SylvanethACWFno
4. (anonym)-Slaves to DarknessCarlos Sklavenno
5. Wolfgang aka "godhand"DKöln8Flesh-eater CourtsDie Würfelgötterno
6. Christian aka "Chri"DMechernich-Sons of BehematDa Clubhaus Euskirchenno
7. Christian aka "BockinatOr"DEuskirchen-Ossiarch BonereapersDa Clubhaus Euskirchenno
8. Martin aka "KawaiiPenguin"DSankt Augustin161Flesh-eater CourtsPrivateer Poza Boyzno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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