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1. Lautrer Stadmeisterschaft im Battle Bear - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Francesco aka "Lifetaker"DBad Homburg448The White Councilno0
2. (anonym)-Goblin Townno0
3. Marvin aka "Elgrafi"DOffenbach am Main21Barad-dûrSwmfno0
4. Timm aka "Timm"DAlzey-Ereborno0
5. Tim E.DClausen-Durin's FolkSwmfno0
6. (anonym)-Thranduil's HallWächter der Tabakfesteno0
7. (anonym)-MordorWächter der Tabakfesteno0
8. Thomas aka "ELHAWK"DOtterberg-Moriano0
9. (anonym)-Isengardno0
10. Fabian aka "PoM"DKlein Linden-The Dead of DunharrowSwmfno0
11. Malte aka "Maultaschtyrann"DJena-The Legions of the White HandSwmfno0
12. David aka "Azrag"DSchriesheim36The WizardsSwmfno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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