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Reckentecken vol. 16 - List of Participants

1. Kevin aka "Nox"DBerlin7CygnarLast Stand Berlinyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Walther aka "ZeroKey"DChemnitz127The Circle OrborosDice Arenano
3. Boris aka "Agurus"DDresden98KhadorAllBrakesNoGasno
4. Max aka "Coalah"DSchwentinental214Convergence of Cyrissno
5. Kai aka "BigBadFox"DDresden366Protectorate of MenothX gon' deliver to yano
6. Ludwig aka "Axtguy"DSelb187CryxDice Arenano
7. Tom aka "Gorkul"DBerlin26Convergence of CyrissLast Stand Berlinno
8. Sven aka "Skathrex"DBerlin1Crucible GuardLast Stand Berlinno
9. Mario aka "Greenbeast"Dchemnitz1682Retribution of ScyrahDice Arenano

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