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Back from the Plague - List of Participants

1. Klaus aka "Nighthunter"DGomorrha325The BayouRosenheimer Tabletop Clubyes
2. Philipp aka "dah0rst"DAugsburg-The ArcanistsFree Ramos!yes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Benedikt aka "RitzititzDerWilde"DKolbermoor26The ResurrectionistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
4. Keven aka "Vidocq"DHausham69The NeverbornRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
5. Nikolaus aka "Brazzo"DBurghausen-The Explorer's SocietyGegen mich hät ich auch gewonnenno
6. Andreas aka "Polometer"DIngolstadt73The NeverbornIlluminatus Frankensteinno
7. Chris aka "Cyres"DIngolstadt51The ResurrectionistsIlluminatus Frankensteinno
8. Markus aka "Harlekin"DMarkt Schwaben36The Resurrectionistsno
9. Maximilian aka "Lechuzo_Loco"DSchechen44The Ten ThundersRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
10. Leonhard aka "Averru"DRosenheim22The Explorer's SocietyRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
11. Markus K.DSchifferstadt-The Bayouno

Distribution of Armies
The Arcanists:1
The Bayou:1
Distribution of Origins
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