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Games Island - Champions of Sigmar III - List of Participants

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1. Marius aka "Centox"DKassel5Maggotkin of NurgleMiniparadicenono
2. Colin aka "xXShOwTiMeXx"DMünchen118FyreslayersTeam UniBw Münchennono
3. Stephan aka "Big-Bam-Boo"DKassel32Flesh-eater CourtsMiniparadicenono
4. Marco aka "feldcrow"DHof176Gloomspite GitzGames Island Hofnono
5. Patrick aka "Babywind"DKassel10Lumineth Realm-LordsMiniparadicenono
6. Philipp aka "DerGrieche"DLeipzig40Ogor MawtribesTabletop Sachsennono
7. Sebastian aka "beasti"DLeipzig79Grand Alliance OrderTabletop Sachsennono
8. Moritz aka "Murmel"DLeipzig29Disciples of TzeentchTabletop Sachsennono
9. Nico aka "BobbyHobby"DHalle126SeraphonTabletop Sachsennono
10. Timo aka "Boozeman"DLeipzig93Cities of SigmarTabletop Sachsennono
11. Manu aka "Senpai"DKassel56Ossiarch BonereapersMiniparadicenono
12. Jens aka "Vampi"DKassel8SeraphonMiniparadicenono
13. Vincenz aka "Adoras"DGöttingen67Cities of SigmarMiniparadicenono
14. Henning aka "Enwolved"DKassel20Tamurkhan’s HordeSG Stern / Miniparadicenono
15. Marcel aka "PaulWet"DKassel180SkavenMiniparadicenono
16. Andreas aka "Andre13"DArnsberg1Disciples of Tzeentchnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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