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Cologne Crossroads VIII: The Hateful - List of Participants

1. Philip aka "Bassmeister"DKöln51The OutcastsTop Tables Finestyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Christian aka "Gentleman"DEitorf8The ArcanistsTop Tables Finestno
3. Wolfgang aka "TopTables"DKöln29The ResurrectionistsTop Tables Finestno
4. Sven aka "extremor"DKöln62The NeverbornTop Tables Finestno
5. Sven aka "Droggi"DKöln54The GremlinsTop Tables Finestno
6. Niels aka "diePappnase"DKöln24The Resurrectionistsno
7. Nik aka "Splatter"DKöln-The Neverbornno
8. Manuel aka "Gwyliam"DLinz am Rhein28The ResurrectionistsDies Iraeno
9. Markus aka "REM________"DKöln19The ResurrectionistsTop Tables Finestno
10. Nicolas aka "N1C"DKöln-The Ten Thundersno
11. Niclas aka "ComNic"DAachen21The Ten ThundersACWF Aachenno
12. Jan aka "Prinz_Jan"DKöln4The GremlinsTop Tables' Finestno
13. Torsten aka "DarkSchneider"DKöln-The Ten Thundersno

Distribution of Armies
The Outcasts:1
Distribution of Origins
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