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2.Erfurter Puffbohnen-Cup - List of Participants

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1. Philipp aka "Frembrand-Dominus"DIchenhausen710Adeptus MechanicusTeam Erfurtnono
2. Felix aka "emperorsfinestselection"DDresden2017Deathwatchnono
3. Christoph aka "Mueh91"DDresden1135T'au Empirenono
4. Marcel aka "Saxoniae_rex"DDresden-Adeptus Mechanicusnono
5. Christian aka "Toster"DIchtershausen606HarlequinsTeam Erfurtnono
6. Michael aka "eXi"DLeipzig235Genestealer CultsTabletop Sachsennono
7. Stefan aka "unkonzentriert"DLeipzig19Blood AngelsTabletop Sachsennono
8. Mathieu aka "DeGaullus"DLeipzig176Blood AngelsFLAT 3 DAMAGEnono
9. Damian aka "DirtyDee"DLeipzig215Death GuardFLAT 3 DAMAGEnono
10. Oliver aka "Flair4live"DErfurt353Adepta SororitasTeam Erfurtnono
11. Swen aka "Smuver"DLeipzig-Thousand Sonsnono
12. Kai D.DFürth-DrukhariTable Dogsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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