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Tellurian - X-Wing: Nacht der Schrottsammler VIII - List of Participants

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1. Udo aka "BlackDeath"DCastrop-Rauxel566Galactic Empirenono
2. Jonas aka "Thjafjaz"DEssen318Rebel AllianceFriends at Tosche Stationnono
3. Antonio aka "Rafter2k"DDüsseldorf13Separatist AllianceSegnor Noobsnono
4. Dennis aka "ha_ARMAN_n_I"DLüdenscheid266Galactic EmpireTelluriannono
5. Rafael aka "Rafaroo"DBottrop269Rebel Alliancenono
6. Ivo aka "RevanAC"DAachen59Rebel AllianceaiX-Wingsnono
7. Thorsten aka "Migi"DVoerde-ResistanceVBBLnono
8. Torben aka "Blackbush"DCastrop-Rauxel149Resistancenono

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