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Kampf um Centax X-Mas Special Skirmish - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastian aka "Skyguy"DBerlin103Galactic Republicno
2. Christoph aka "Bulleye"DHohen Neuendorf144Separatistssurge to blankno
3. Alexander aka "FRY"DBerlin37Separatistssurge to blankno
4. Marcel aka "wazzi"DBerlin38Empiresurge to blankno
5. Dennis aka "Octobaer"DBerlin18SeparatistsBärfurt Dröidsno
6. Nico aka "keik0"DBerlin67SeparatistsBärfurt Dröidsno
7. Andreas aka "Accessorius"DBerlin154Rebelsno

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