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Prime Championship Kaiserslautern - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Oliver aka "gonZaleZ"DSaarlouis159Rebel AllianceExpendable Squadronno
2. Patrick aka "beardxofxdeath"DHomburg90First Orderno
3. Tobias aka "Pangsman"DKoblenz212First OrderExpendable Squadronno
4. Stefan aka "Durandell"DLudwigshafen am Rhein18Galactic EmpireTeam Chaosbieneno
5. Stefan aka "NakedWookiee"DPfungstadt9Scum and VillainyCrimson Aces Frankfurtno
6. Timo aka "Coryn"DKaiserslautern38Scum and VillainyWookieetreiberno
7. Kai aka "T_K"DBad Münstereifel34ResistanceExpendable Squadronno
8. Ivo aka "RevanAC"DWürselen57ResistanceaiX-Wingsno
9. Daniel aka "surfing_fin"DWaldems24ResistanceBembel-Bomberno
10. Stefan aka "Finti-PZ143"DFriedrichsthal673Scum and Villainyno
11. (anonym)-Galactic EmpireBembel-Bomberno
12. Manish aka "Tharlin"DRauenberg3Galactic EmpireWookieetreiberno
13. Frank aka "Fengel"DBabenhausen13Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesno
14. Philippe aka "MaitreGo"FSchiltigheim160ResistanceHell's as Squadronno
15. Patrick aka "TaserFace"DKaiserslautern136Rebel AllianceStar Φghterno
16. Philipp aka "BlauZwo"DFriedberg128ResistanceBembel-Bomberno
17. Andreas aka "Godi"DWiesbaden894Galactic RepublicBrothers in Armsno
18. Roger aka "TK_422"DBochum4ResistanceBembel-Bomberno
19. Chris aka "Arionimus"DBruchsal1323Rebel AllianceWookieetreiberno
20. Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheim173First OrderÄbbelwoi Acesno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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