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Kampf um Centax II Skirmish - List of Participants

1. Christoph aka "Bulleye"DBerlin187Empireyes
2. Marcel aka "wazzi"DBerlin-SeparatistsFist of Berlinyes
3. Alexander aka "FRY"DBerlin28Galactic Republicposazyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Nico aka "keik0"DBerlin51Separatistsno
5. Dennis aka "Zerc"DBerlin-RebelsGIMPsno
6. Dennis aka "Octobaer"DBerlin5Rebels0-0-0no
7. Phil aka "PePPer"DPotsdam67Separatistsno
8. Sebastian aka "Skyguy"DBerlin-Separatistsno
9. Martin aka "Blue_Sun"DBerlin107Empireno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:1
Distribution of Origins
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