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17. TTS-Cup: Warhammer 40.000 - Ars Bellica - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Stefan aka "unkonzentriert"DLeipzig26The InquisitionTabletop Sachsennono
2. Philipp aka "Melchesidek"DLeipzig79Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
3. (anonym)-Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
4. Jonas aka "akite"DBerlin72Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
5. Christian aka "Bolsch"DLeipzig257Chaos Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
6. Damian aka "DirtyDee"DLeipzig272OrksTabletop Sachsennono
7. Christian aka "Lord_Sharka"DBerlin213Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
8. Christopher aka "Medjugorje"DMünchen25The InquisitionHammer & Schild e.V.nono
9. Raphael aka "Black-Samurai"DMünster116T'au EmpireEternal Warriorsnono
10. Michael aka "eXi"DLeipzig209Adepta SororitasTabletop Sachsennono
11. Christian aka "Karskin192"DJena532Astra Militarum2. TC Gammelbackenono
12. Andre aka "PLASTICandRAGE"DFreital456Chaos Space Marinesnono
13. Mathieu aka "DeGaullus"DLeipzig177Astra MilitarumTabletop Sachsennono
14. Peter aka "Bhaal570"DLeipzig1103Thousand SonsTabletop Sachsennono

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Distribution of Origins
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