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17. TTS-Cup: Warhammer 40.000 - Ars Bellica - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Stefan aka "unkonzentriert"DLeipzig31The InquisitionTabletop Sachsennono
2. Philipp aka "Melchesidek"DLeipzig85Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
3. (anonym)-Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
4. Jonas aka "akite"DBerlin87Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
5. Christian aka "Bolsch"DLeipzig267Chaos Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
6. Damian aka "DirtyDee"DLeipzig277OrksTabletop Sachsennono
7. Christian aka "Lord_Sharka"DBerlin223Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
8. Christopher aka "Medjugorje"DMünchen27The InquisitionHammer & Schild e.V.nono
9. Raphael aka "Black-Samurai"DMünster103T'au EmpireEternal Warriorsnono
10. Michael aka "eXi"DLeipzig182Adepta SororitasTabletop Sachsennono

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Distribution of Origins
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