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Wormswing XXV - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Stefan aka "NakedWookiee"DPfungstadt17Scum and VillainyCrimson Aces Frankfurtno
2. Daniel aka "surfing_fin"DWaldems39Separatist AllianceBembel-Bomberno
3. Sascha aka "Schattenlicht"DLampertheim20Scum and VillainyTeam Hootersno
4. Heiko aka "Almin_Catrell"DMünsterappel444Separatist Allianceno
5. Frank aka "Fengel"DBabenhausen11Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesno
6. Manuel aka "Kerbennog"DDudenhofen-First OrderTeam Hootersno
7. Gregor aka "Truephoenyx"DNeustadt291Scum and VillainyTeam Hootersno

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