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6. ReckenEcke Awakens - List of Participants

1. Enrico aka "Enno"DDresden14Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
2. Marcel aka "Dalli"DDresden4Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
3. Bettina aka "Amidala"DSpremberg226Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
4. Sebastian aka "curi"DSpremberg35Separatist AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
5. Stefan aka "Schtefan"DDresden400Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
6. Carsten aka "caolilan"DGreiz112Rebel Allianceyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
7. Erik aka "Lupo"DDresden101Galactic EmpireOstfrontno
8. Marko aka "Wuerfelkoenig"DDresden399Rebel AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
9. Henning aka "PartyMareike"DDresden526Separatist AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
10. Ronald aka "Suppenschwein"DDresden46Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
11. Dennis aka "DanMayCry"DDresden-First OrderOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
12. Bose aka "bosefalk"DDresden-Rebel Allianceno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:4
Rebel Alliance:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
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