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Fight For The Glass Vol. V - Team Edition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Frederick aka "Frederick"DHiddenhausen1Hrothgorn's MantrappersAsoziale Unsympathennono
2. Deniz aka "Myratres"DPaderborn5Eyes of the NineAsoziale Unsympathennono
3. Achim aka "Bukol"DAltena10Spiteclaw's SwarmHexoholicsnono
4. Adam aka "Adam"DAltena17The Chosen AxesHexoholicsnono
5. Sven aka "dasIndiz"DWuppertal74Stormsire's CursebreakersThe Good, the Bald and the Hairyyesno
6. Lars aka "Rautenfreund"DWuppertal142Godsworn HuntThe Good, the Bald and the Hairyyesno
7. Jens aka "Apologet"DSolingen8Eyes of the NineBrimstone Boysnono
8. Yanki aka "Lockenkopf"DWuppertal-Mollog’s MobThe Good, the Bald and the Hairyyesno
9. Thomas aka "KingOfShrouds"DSolingen51The Chosen AxesBrimstone Boysnono
10. Johannes aka "Kunibertprime"DLeverkusen-Magore’s FiendsBrimstone Boysnono
11. Henrik aka "Lord_Haemmerchen"DPaderborn21Hrothgorn's MantrappersAsoziale Unsympathennono
12. Jörg aka "Moriquendi"DDortmund3Skaeth's Wild HuntNOT Alone in the Darknono
13. Nils aka "Gruftischlumpf"DBochum20Rippa's SnarlfangsNOT Alone in the Darknono
14. Paul v.DSolingen-Thorns of the Briar QueenThe Shadowsnono
15. Tobias aka "Shaunless"DDinslaken188Stormsire's CursebreakersThe Shadowsnono
16. Lutz aka "SirMythos"DDortmund27Spiteclaw's SwarmNOT Alone in the Darknono
17. (anonym)-Ironskull's BoyzHexoholicsnono
18. Konrad S.DSolingen-Skaeth's Wild HuntThe Shadowsnono

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

List of teams

Registered teams
1Asoziale UnsympathenFrederick, Myratres, Lord_Haemmerchen
2HexoholicsBukol, Adam, (anonym)
3The Good, the Bald and the HairydasIndiz, Rautenfreund, Lockenkopf
4Brimstone BoysApologet, KingOfShrouds, Kunibertprime
5NOT Alone in the DarkMoriquendi, Gruftischlumpf, SirMythos
6The ShadowsPaul v., Shaunless, Konrad S.
7Ohne Planalpharius0815
8MülleimerFrodo, Pandarine
9Bladetown BulldogsDragonmind

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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