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LAY low the Tyrants V Meeting Engagement - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christoph aka "Tsusaya"DSiegburg197Ossiarch BonereapersPrivateer Poza Boyznono
2. Martin aka "Alfavega"DKoblenz102Kharadron OverlordsPrivateer Poza Boyznono
3. Sebastian aka "C0mm3rz"DWirges189Beastclaw RaidersWesterwälder WAAAGHnono
4. Tobias aka "Twobeshan"DKoblenz-SylvanethWesterwälder WAAAGHnono
5. David aka "Whaaagh-David"DSiegburg228BonesplitterzPrivateer Poza Boyznono
6. Andreas aka "Andre13"DArnsberg1Disciples of TzeentchSauerländer Würfelsturmnono

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