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Winter Bashup - Malifaux Turnier Berlin - List of Participants

1. Bernd aka "Heldi"DBerlin28The NeverbornOut of the Breachyesyes
2. Julian aka "DerSkalde"DBerlin14The ResurrectionistsOut of the Breachyesyes
3. Olaf aka "Halo"DBerlin191The GuildOut of the Breachyesyes
4. Karl aka "mrknabber"DBerlin29The OutcastsPinseldiktatoryesyes
5. Simon aka "Hiren"DBerlin49The GremlinsDie Stammtischphilosophenyesyes
6. Bero aka "Hurin_the_steadfast"DHamburg52The GremlinsUMS Agramyesyes
7. Jan aka "sanjuro"DBerlin99The Resurrectionistsyesyes
8. Oliver aka "jimraynor"DBerlin93The OutcastsDie Stammtischphilosophenyesyes

Distribution of Armies
The Gremlins:2
The Outcasts:2
The Resurrectionists:2
The Guild:1
The Neverborn:1
Distribution of Origins
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