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III. Westfälische Begegnungskeilerei - List of Participants

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1. Julian aka "Kowa"DOsnabrück50IronjawzSpVgg Osnabrückno
2. Timo aka "Mangler"DMünster233Blades of Khorneno
3. Marcus aka "Lasse"DMünster341Ossiarch BonereapersKnüppelhaseno
4. Max aka "driemster"DMünster-Kharadron Overlordsno
5. Flo aka "Pinselgrot"DGoldenstedt53Grand Alliance DestructionSpVgg Osnabrückno
6. Christoph aka "Isak"DRecke113Grand Alliance OrderSpVgg Osnabrückno
7. Fabian aka "Pitbeast"DMelle47Blades of KhorneAnodizersno
8. Bartholomäus aka "Aasfresser"DMünster-Gloomspite Gitzno
9. Nick aka "Embravo"DHamburg331SeraphonTeam Nordfrontno
10. Thommy aka "pain4you"DGoldenstedt67Grand Alliance Orderno
11. Matthias aka "Bartuk-Matthias"DTelgte-Seraphonno
12. Stefan aka "Bossk"DOsnabrück73GutbustersSpVgg Osnabrückno
13. Thomas aka "Cdr_Tom"DMünster-Ironjawzno
14. (anonym)-Everchosen & Slaves to DarknessDie anndernno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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