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8. Drunken Dwarfs Duisburg Kneipenrauferei - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Laura aka "Floh_x3"DHerne1564Astra MilitarumDDD - Drunken Dwarfs Duisburgnono
2. Andreas aka "Queck"DSchmitten52Space MarinesP(l)ay 2 Winnono
3. Philipp aka "Totuvor"DBottrop1292Adepta SororitasDDD - Drunken Dwarfs Duisburgnono
4. Lars aka "IronFire"DWilhelmshaven348Death GuardPuppenspielernono
5. Pascal aka "FlintX"DDuisburg194T'au EmpireWürfelgötternono
6. Rene aka "ZamRa1233"DDuisburg5497Astra Militarumnono

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