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The Emperors finest #002: Gentlemen's Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Nadine aka "Nasciturus92"DLudwigshafen-Orksnono
2. Florian aka "Kaffeenurgling"DLudwigshafen-Chaos Space Marinesnono
3. Jan H.DHeidelberg-Eldarnono
4. Theo aka "Barus"DHirschhorn1053Chaos Space Marinesnono
5. Jimmy aka "jimb0i"DHeidelberg208T'au EmpireTau - Für das höhere Wohlnono
6. Alexander aka "AMJS"DDielheim940Tyranidsnono
7. Thomas aka "The_Reaper"DGau-Odernheim400Space Marinesnono

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