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54. Würfelgötter 40K Turnier Ars Bellica 1250 Punkte - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. René aka "Bolas"DWunstorf675Drukharino
2. Pascal aka "FlintX"DDuisburg190T'au Empireno
3. Philipp aka "PhiSt"DBochum13Space MarinesWürfelgötter Allstarsno
4. Norman aka "nwausob"DOberhausen74Chaos Space MarinesIron Gate Gamersno
5. Daniel aka "GreyKnightLord"DNordrhein-Westfalen - Unna149Grey KnightsGaylordsno
6. Kai aka "lucker"DGeldern746Death GuardHerdamitno
7. Gregor aka "Schwatten"DOberhausen362Chaos DaemonsIron Gate Gamersno

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