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44. Bedburger Scheunenklopppen Ars Bellica 1250 - List of Participants

1. Christian aka "Chessi"DDarmstadt9The InquisitionMeta Slavesyesno
2. Timo aka "Chosen"DErkelenz91The InquisitionMeta Slavesyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Viktor aka "Samtpfoetchen"DSankt Augustin41Imperial KnightsFrontale Faustnono
4. Kevin aka "PeiMai"DDüsseldorf288Space MarinesArx Draconisnono
5. Patrick aka "Pattes"DHattingen-Astra Militarumnono
6. Pascal aka "FlintX"DDuisburg500T'au Empirenono

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The Inquisition:2
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