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12. Cuxhavener Malifaux Turnier - List of Participants

1. Christoph aka "Carstein86"DHannover124The ArcanistsKnüppelhasenyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. André aka "KillingOne"DBremen1The ArcanistsBad Things Happenno
3. Hanna aka "Hanna"DMeyenburg7The Ten Thundersno
4. Nino aka "Torsul"DBremen3The NeverbornBad Things Happenno
5. Daniel aka "Nevercast"DBremen10The OutcastsBad Things Happenno
6. (anonym)-The GremlinsBad Things Happenno
7. Philipp aka "Brezel"DWalsrode8The NeverbornKhachamonno
8. Michael aka "Black-Nacho"DEimke109The NeverbornDie Puppenspielerno

Distribution of Armies
The Arcanists:1
Distribution of Origins
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