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Game Night Kit Turnier - List of Participants

1. Udo aka "Nachbrenner"DBerlin179Galactic EmpireStardust Cowboysyesno
2. Oliver aka "Baron-Lutschbaer"DBerlin259ResistanceDCSyesno
3. Jonas aka "bob-47"DBerlin663Galactic RepublicDCSyesno
4. Murat aka "KingSly"DBerlin118Separatist AllianceDCSyesno
5. Christian aka "Donaldo"DPotsdam380Rebel AllianceStardust Cowboysyesno
6. Adrian aka "Vutha_Gix"DBerlin111Separatist AllianceDCSyesno
7. Rüdiger aka "Zaltys"DBerlin829Galactic EmpireDCSyesno
8. Fabian aka "Karghan"DBerlin21ResistanceAggromech Berlinyesno
9. Robert aka "KaLeu"DBerlin1554Galactic Republicyesno
10. Aleksey aka "fromshkap"DBerlin698First OrderAkademie-Pilotyesno
11. Aaron aka "GeneralMullet"DBerlin96First OrderAggromech Berlinyesno
12. Bülent aka "jessey-blue"DBerlin210Rebel Alliance17th racoon squadronyesno
13. Thilo aka "Thilol"DBerlin62ResistanceAggromech Berlinyesno
14. Sam aka "Roran"DBerlin2727Galactic Empireyesno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:3
First Order:2
Galactic Republic:2
Rebel Alliance:2
Separatist Alliance:2
Distribution of Origins
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