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8. Battleground Blumberg - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Michael aka "chef"DLandshut3Astra MilitarumBucklas Jüngerno
2. Jörg aka "Almentro"DDietersburg1961DrukhariLA Frontschweineno
3. Christopher aka "Medjugorje"DMünchen18The InquisitionHammer & Schild e.V.no
4. Florian aka "Voggo"DMünchen134Chaos Space MarinesHammer & Schild e.V.no
5. Ben aka "Nagrach"DKronwieden438OrksBucklas Jüngerno
6. Martin aka "Ikarus_dV"CHZug104Space Marinesno

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Distribution of Origins
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