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[AFNC-1] Atlantis Friday Night Casual Part 1 - Extended - List of Participants

1. Torsten aka "Cakeprincess"DHamburg-Scum and Villainyyes
2. Jan aka "erytas"DHamburg23Galactic Empireyes
3. Peter aka "Mighty"DHamburg72Galactic RepublicSouth Side Banditsyes
4. Sebastian aka "Sephebos"DHamburg578Rebel Allianceyes
5. Christoph aka "Muelli8585"DHamburg130Scum and VillainyNorth Rim Raidersyes
6. Arne aka "Taloncor"DHamburg55Galactic Empireyes
7. Wolfgang aka "DonAnus"DHamburg141Scum and Villainyyes
8. Dennis aka "RogueLeader"DHamburg41Rebel AllianceNorth Rim Raiders, SZ-Wingyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
9. Sebastian aka "Laminidas"DHamburg37Rebel AllianceOuter Rim Squadronno

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:3
Galactic Empire:2
Rebel Alliance:2
Galactic Republic:1
Distribution of Origins
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