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Hammerzeit - List of Participants

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1. Christian aka "Luebbi"DWeiterstadt100CygnarDarmstädter Püppchenschubserno
2. Brendan aka "zich"DNope-Legion of EverblightAbby Roadno
3. Christian aka "waffls"DLampertheim47MinionsIch atme ein, ich Raske aus!no
4. Janos aka "Cryxnoob"DBad Kreuznach-MercenariesWarKHaspersno
5. Thomas aka "DisasterPeace"DBrühl461Protectorate of Menothno
6. Nicolas aka "Teapot"DWalsheim-The Circle OrborosEyeless Sightseeing Tourno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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