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Süßen oder Saures 6 - Ars Bellica 1750 - List of Participants

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1. Jörg aka "Kelte"DGöppingen440OrksWaaagh Clannono
2. Michal aka "fala"DStuttgart-Süd195EldarWaaagh Clannono
3. Gabriel aka "H311fi5h"DStuttgart102Blood AngelsBattlesquad Stuttgartnono
4. Sven aka "Celestriel"DKernen Im Remstal132Grey KnightsBattlesquad Stuttgartnono
5. Hermann aka "Lord_Daros"DOstfildern776NecronsWaaagh Clannono
6. Andreas aka "Shadowrunner_GP"DGöppingen329HarlequinsWaaagh Clannono
7. Andi aka "Sankt"DGd1020Adepta Sororitasnono

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