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It appears to be jammed! 9th - List of Participants

1. Ulrich aka "Tain"DHamburg20Galactic EmpireOuter Rim Squadronyes
2. Sebastian aka "Laminidas"DHamburg46Rebel AllianceOuter Rim Squadronyes
3. Florian aka "Werner"DHeide639Rebel AllianceThe Bloody Shamblesyes
4. Erik aka "X-racer"DSankt Peter-Ording1417Rebel Allianceyes
5. Lukas aka "Startling"DFlensburg60First OrderTeam Icarusyes
6. Christian aka "Morka"DFlensburg30Rebel AllianceTeam Icarusyes
7. Sebastian aka "Sephebos"DHamburg637Rebel Allianceyes
8. Jan aka "erytas"DHamburg43Rebel Allianceyes
9. Peter aka "Mighty"DHamburg51Galactic RepublicSouth Side Banditsyes
10. (anonym)-Scum and VillainyFish & Shipsyes
11. Dennis aka "RogueLeader"DHamburg86Rebel AllianceNorth Rim Raiders, SZ-Wingyes
12. Arne aka "Taloncor"DHamburg22Galactic Empireyes

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:7
Galactic Empire:2
First Order:1
Galactic Republic:1
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
Sankt Peter-Ording:1
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