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Exterminatus Extremis #002: Sterbende Sterne - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Marcus aka "SOK_Demeter"DWiesloch731Imperial KnightsEquinox Squadno
2. Jan Volker H.DHeidelberg-Ynnarino
3. Florian aka "KaffeeNurgling"DLudwigshafen-Death Guardno
4. Nadine aka "Nasciturus"DLudwigshafen-Chaos Space Marinesno
5. Claus U.DHöchberg-Drukharino
6. Bruno aka "Pentregarth"DHeidelberg-Chaos Space Marinesno
7. Sebastian aka "Lessi"DHockenheim333Genestealer CultsHolzhauser Kellerkriegerno
8. Tim aka "Karlmann"DOftersheim1110Space Marinesno
9. Matt aka "HenryVIII"DHeidelberg-Chaos Space Marinesno
10. Emanuel aka "DARKK"DSchwäbisch Hall736Adeptus Custodes-BUFU-no
11. Jimmy aka "jimb0i"DHeidelberg324T'au EmpireDeine Mutter ist ein Xenosno

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Distribution of Origins
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