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HTL - MinasMarburg-Meisterschaft - List of Participants

1. Lukas aka "Lukanator"DMarburg184The White CouncilMinasMarburgyesno
2. Benedikt aka "Nuttenhorst"DWetter-AngmarMinasMarburgyesno
3. Lucas aka "Shrimbo"DMarburg716The Dead of DunharrowMinasMarburgyesno
4. Phil aka "Phil3105"DMarburg-IsengardMinasMarburgyesno
5. Tim S.DFrankfurt am Main-The Wild Men of Drúadan ForestMinasMarburgyesno
6. David aka "DerDrache"DMarburg356Thranduil's HallsMinasMarburgyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
7. Stephan aka "Incobus"DEichen65The Tower of Ecthelionnono
8. Thomas aka "EichertTom"DBoppard17Far HaradTeam Westernisnono

Distribution of Armies
The Dead of Dunharrow:1
The White Council:1
The Wild Men of Drúadan Forest:1
Thranduil's Halls:1
Distribution of Origins
Frankfurt am Main:1
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