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Warhammer 40k auf der KaRoTa 34 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Yannic aka "Space_Schlumpf"DKaiserslautern2645Space Wolvesnono
2. Andreas aka "Gauntherder"DSt. Ingbert122TyranidsTournament Crew Saarbrückennono
3. Sebastian aka "Lord_Ihramood"DSaarbrücken308Space MarinesTabletop Crew Saarhammernono
4. Marc aka "Lalle"DGroßrosseln211Space MarinesTournament Crew Saar-Hammernono
5. Maurice aka "Irontide"DKaiserslautern604T'au Empirenono
6. Markus aka "Don"DSinsheim278TyranidsWaffenbrüdernono
7. Bastian aka "Bastey"DKaiserslautern365Dark Angelsnono

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Distribution of Origins
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