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28. Völkerschlacht - List of Participants

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1. Stephan aka "Killerpin"DLeipzig127Retribution of ScyrahTabletop Sachsen e.V.nono
2. Jens aka "Kolash"DHalle141Legion of Everblightnono
3. (anonym)-The Circle Orborosnono
4. Holger aka "holgonaut"DBerlin11GrymkinLast Stand Berlinnono
5. (anonym)-Trollbloodnono
6. Philip aka "ankmarphi"DWeinböhla270Protectorate of Menothnono
7. Immo aka "TheBlackSEED"DDresden7Cryxnono
8. Nick aka "Pithlit"DDresden77Retribution of Scyrahnono
9. Boris aka "Agurus"DDresden83Khadornono

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