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2.0 Ortenauer Sau-Schlacht - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maximilian aka "MtotheX"DWaldkirch165Infernal DwarvesTeam Freiburgnono
2. Christian aka "Loooci"DEttlingen-Orcs and GoblinsTeam Karlsruhenono
3. Heiko aka "Daemonic"DKarlsruhe81Daemon LegionsTeam Karlsruhenono
4. Simon aka "Herr"DFreiburg159Undying DynastiesTeam Freiburgnono
5. Moritz aka "Rock-n-Roll"DMannheim36The Vermin SwarmToolboxnono
6. Dominik aka "Bash"DEsslingen95The Vermin SwarmTeam Freiburgnono
7. Simon aka "Waldi"DKonstanz198Dread Elves40KNnono
8. Maxime aka "yajirobe68"FMulhouse300The Vermin Swarmnono

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Distribution of Origins
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