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16. Wormsmachine/Hordes Turnier - DM Qualifier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jan aka "Baneforce_One"DMainz60Grymkinno
2. Thorsten aka "Cordovan"DMainz112The Circle OrborosWarKHaspersno
3. Pascal aka "CandyTrash"DDiez92The Circle OrborosIona and the Gangno
4. Samir aka "Ronan"DDüsseldorf39KhadorOld Man yelling in diceno
5. Wolfgang aka "Unterzahl"DStutensee43Retribution of Scyrahno
6. Martina aka "Bazinga"DKarlsruhe67Grymkin48" advanced deploymentno
7. Nicolas aka "Teapot"DWalsheim-The Circle Orboros3.2 Inches of FUNno

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