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Battlefield | Call to Arms IX - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastian aka "Khain"DBerlin53OrksPOSAZnono
2. Jonas aka "Njckname"DBerlin158Chaos Space MarinesPOSAZnono
3. Simon aka "simonnickel"DBerlin183Necronsnono
4. Lena aka "DeinSchlimmsterAlbtraum"DBerlin364Cult Mechanicusnono
5. Eugen aka "Abyss_Miniatures"DBerlin99Death GuardPOSAZnono
6. Michael aka "NukaCola"DBerlin19Adeptus SororitasPOSAZnono
7. Niels aka "Schmuvness"DBerlin26Space MarinesPOSAZnono
8. Denis aka "Florida_Boy"DBerlin49Blood AngelsPOSAZnono
9. Fred aka "derfred"DBerlin7EldarPOSAZnono
10. Jonas aka "akite"DBerlin1228Taunono
11. Sven aka "Turbo"DBerlin776Dark AngelsPOSAZnono
12. Nikolai aka "Panta"DBerlin39TauPOSAZnono
13. Christian aka "Tadaoo"DBerlin61Space MarinesPOSAZnono
14. Sebastian aka "Pelucidar"DBerlin1599Chaos Space Marinesnono
15. Toni aka "Seboh"DBerlin419TauVong Warhammerspaß her!nono
16. Raphael aka "aquaric"DBerlin1122The InquisitionDes Imperators Treueste Trinkernono
17. Volker aka "FailCast"DBerlin405Necronsnono
18. Julian Raimer aka "Snakeyes_Joe"DBerlin584Adeptus Sororitasnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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